Swarovski creative director Giovanna Engelbert has announced the release of her new Collection II jewellery range.

The collection is intended as a continuation of the brand’s exploration of its Austrian heritage.

Creative director Giovanna Engelbert joined Swarovski in 2017 after a career in fashion journalism.


She was later promoted to become Swarovski’s first ever global creative director.

Speaking on the new collection she noted: “In this collection I wanted to dive deeper into a love affair with Austrian arts and crafts, notably the influences of the Wiener Werkstätte and Gustav Klimt, while bringing in a modernity to the organic ways shape and form can be represented within their tradition.

“Collection II gives us a chance to dive further into our world of wonders.

“From a closer look into the muses of the Bohemian movement to the design aesthetic of our Austrian heritage, we’re able to enrich our brand story with a modern twist.

“In this way, each crystal item becomes a microcosm of our world.”