Swarovski crystals are set for the stage as they play a starring role in English National Opera’s upcoming new production of The Mask of Orpheus. 

The brand has collaborated closely with costume designer Daniel Lismore for his contribution to the new production of the work by composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle.

To inspire and support Lismore in creating his first ever set of costumes for the stage, Swarovski has exclusively provided the opera production with 400,000 crystals.


Lismore commented: “It was amazing to be free to create with Swarovski crystals.

“Draping them and building up layers. They just fall together like a puzzle and create new shapes, and new textures.”

Lismore has also made full use of Swarovski’s spectrum of colour choices, with each of the production’s leading characters given their own crystal colour; Orpheus is depicted in Red, Eurydice in Blue and Aristaeus in green.

For five key roles in the opera – the wedding gauntlets of Eurydice, golden pomegranates of Dionysus, the Oracle of the Dead’s gown, the beetle colored skin of the Furies and the hot pink flowers that form the Judges of the Dead – he has chosen to feature crystals that have been upcycled.

Lismore added: “Using upcycled crystals was so important.

“It’s good to re-use and repurpose elements, and turn them into something new. I never throw anything away!”

English National Opera’s The Mask of Orpheus director, Daniel Kramer, said: “I am delighted to work so closely with Swarovski for the first time on this ground-breaking production of The Mask of Orpheus.

“Swarovski’s expertise and versatility in costume and jewellery design will undoubtedly heighten one of the greatest masterpieces in contemporary opera.”

Nadja Swarovski added: “We are excited to collaborate with English National Opera and Daniel Lismore on a production which will be remembered as one of the most breathtaking visual operatic events of recent years.

“It has been a true pleasure watching Daniel’s creative vision come to life, and to see him integrate our upcycled crystals into these costumes to give them stunning new lives on stage.”

The opera will be staged on five separate nights at the English National Opera, London, between October 18 and November 13, to coincide with Sir Harrison Birtwistle’s 85th birthday.