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Rachael Taylor is certainly pleased about the shorter sweeter name.

More times in the past than I care to remember I’ve had a PR on the phone asking me to make a correction as I’ve got the wording of Swarovski’s fine loose-cut crystal brand wrong.

The correct term for it (and I’m getting nervous even now as I write it for fear of my phone ringing at any second) was CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski Elements.

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I, and it seems many people in the industry, were referring to the brand as Swarovski Crystalized, Swarovski Elements, Crystalized, Swarovski – all sorts. I’ve had more than a few conversations with designers who have tripped themselves up with the complicated name when trying to PR collaborations, so it seemed I wasn’t alone.

So now, thank goodness, Swarovski has cottoned on. Now CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski Elements will just be plain Swarovski Elements, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

Annabelle Brameshuber of Swarovski HQ told me at the brand’s trends presentation in London today that the name change had followed feedback from the now-named Swarovski Element’s customer base who had asked for a more simple brand name.

In a press release, Swarovski stated: “True to the founder’s spirit, the company is eager to further develop its brand communication for your benefit. Thus, the name of the name of the crystal components brand will be optimised, granting a stronger emphasis on the Swarovski brand.”

So this morning, I glided through my reporting of the Swarovski Elements trends forecast with ease and without fear of tripping myself up and getting the wrong order of brand names. And I’m sure I won’t be the only one exhaling a long sigh of relief. Shorter is most definitely sweeter.

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