Global cultures are influencing trends in 2013 according to Swarovski elements.

House leads with classic, romantic, futuristic and global inspirations

Swarovski Elements has released its Crystal Design Inspirations book for SS13 around the theme of The Celebration of Life.

The presentation included four trends for the season: Embracing Togetherness, Journey to the Moon, Blowing Kisses and A Feeling of Freedom.


Embracing Togetherness has a classic subdued white palette that signals new beginnings and opportunities, underlined by soft shadowing to highlight a new purity and transparency in design. The concept behind this trend is a wish for transparency and reality – a need for nothing to be hidden. This is reflected in the shift towards using more natural-looking models, less photo-shopping and authentic and honest fabrics in designs. There is a distinct desire for a simple quality of life allowing more time for reflection.

Swarovski Elements added: "We seek more meaning, more deeply felt connections and more substance. We share a human desire to believe and rely on each other once more in a world where every day events become memorable moments. We want to connect and function within a group; without losing our individuality. We encourage harmony by coming together. Young and old cross the great divide – living and learning from each other. Gatherings of families and friends focus on togetherness – the new intimacy."

The Journey to the Moon trend has a progressive colour pallatte that is characterised by sparkling iridescent colours in myriad hues of purples, blue and silver-blacks that create a mysterious and magic mood. The inspiration behind the trend is the current day’s obsession with outer space and the obssessed to seek proof that an alternative life, outside of earth, really exists. Swarovski Elements believes that the future-driven designer will look to heavenly bodies and science fiction to create floating, mystical designs alongside alien-fighting armor.

Swarovski Elements said: "Increasingly drawn to the unknown, we imagine unconquered frontiers: a space of daydreams and wonder. We dare to dream with the innocence of children of a Universal truth, of spreading wings and taking flight, searching for a sense of spirituality."

Blowing Kisses is romantic trend that has a colour pallate of classic make-up colours – rosy reds and varying pink tones offering romance and seduction that are underlined with sophisticated black and white. The inspiration for this trend comes from a desire to bring fantasy into our lives, to show another side of ourselves – a search for idealism and enchantment, whether through childhood nostalgia or grown-up role playing. This multi-faceted trend explores the foolishness of fashion, fuelled by the rise of social media that allows people to be anything they want to be.

Swarovski Elemenst said: "Stepping in and out of reality, we seek love and adoration. We have a need to develop a romantic sense of beauty. Enchanted fairy tales, narrative and magical materials tell their own story. Light-hearted and playful or dark and dramatic, the allure of the Hollywood Screen Siren is calling."

A Feeling of Freedom is a glamorous trend that embraces bright, bold, ethnic colour combinations that express a need to be outstanding, lending folkloric flavour and vibrant festival hues to design. Swarovski Elements describes the trend as "crazy, wild and wilful – glamour is re-defined".

It added: "The era of Pleasure Revenge has arrived – we will do what we desire and be whom we desire to be. We celebrate differences and decadence, embracing foreign cultures and familiarity. We dance in furious frenzy to the beat of our own drum. The world of voodoo – which simply means spirit – enchants us as spiritual worship, as a connection to our ancestry, gains importance.

"After myriad political upheavals we wish to connect, to celebrate and embrace each other’s cultures. We shrug off the standard definition of globalisation, of everything being the same, and embrace it as the style of difference. We seek a vision of a new paradise to re-enchant the imagination. We become global travellers, throwing caution to the wind and celebrating the great festival that is life."