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Swarovski gets new board of directors as latest Wonderlab store debuts


Swarovski has announced the appointment of a new board of directors.

A post on the company’s LinkedIn page reads: “On November 15, 2021 the new Board of Directors of Swarovski International Holding has been constituted.

“In keeping with the key principles of the new governance and the owner families strive for fresh impetus and new expertise, the newly constituted board consists of both family representatives and independent members.

“In addition to shareholders Robert Buchbauer, Markus Langes-Swarovski, and Mathias Margreiter, Swarovski is pleased to announce that the following independent personalities were appointed to the Board of Directors by the recently established management board of the Swarovski Family Holding: Luisa Delgado, Annalisa Loustau Elia, Markus Fiechter, Manuel Martinez and Robert Singer.

“Luisa Delgado has been elected to assume the role of Chair of the Board and Robert Buchbauer to assume the role of Vicechair.”

Clockwise from top left: Manuel Martinez, Annalisa Loustau Elia, Markus Langes-Swarovski, Markus Fiechter, Robert Singer, Mathias Margreiter, Luisa Delgado and Robert Buchbauer.

The company also recently announced the opening of its latest Wonderlab, a Swiss flagship located in the country’s capital city.

Another LinkedIn post stated: “Our Zurich flagship store is now open!

“A sprawling three-story space, our Swarovski Zurich flagship store is the ultimate retail experience.

“From a yellow, crystal lifestyle upper floor to an Instant Wonder-inspired first floor, awash in pink, to an all-green, ground floor crystal library, this flagship is one of pure imagination and play.”


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