Swarovski illuminated the 2019 Oscars stage with over 41,000 crystals.

Collaborating with award-winning creative director and designer, David Korins, the global jewellery brand used its iconic crystals to create four key features on the 91st Academy Awards stage.

These features included a ‘Crystal Cloud’ and ‘Crystal Swag’ installation, as well as two ‘Crystal Presenter Backings’.


Creative director, Korins, who best known for his work on Broadway smashes Hamilton and Dear Evan Hanson, looked to natural geography for the inspiration behind this year’s sparkling adornments.

For the Crystal Cloud, 1,250 floating crystal strands created ethereal, atmospheric clouds, while the Crystal Swag presented the illusion of an upward-flowing waterfall complete with 400 crystal strands.

Free-flowing creations featuring 1,800 crystals made up the Crystal Presenter Backing, providing a high-shine setting for each award presenter.

This mixture of abstract and organic shapes partnered in harmony to embody a feeling of inclusivity and togetherness. Precision-cut Swarovski crystal beads, flatbacks and pearls in gold and silver shades provided a radiant warmth and light reflecting Swarovski’s longstanding connection to the Academy Awards and the entertainment industry at large.

Find out what it takes to put together such an intricate instalment here: