Swarovski has teamed up with four inspirational women to help spread a message of female empowerment and positivity.

As part of the brand’s #FollowTheLight campaign, which launched in January, Swarovski has introduced a host of new ambassadors, who have started sharing content across their personal social media channels.

Joining Great British Bake Off winner, Nadiya Hussain, who has been working with the brand since 2018, author and blogger, Giovanna Fletcher, and footfall stars Leah Williamson and Fran Kirby, are the faces and personalities behind Swarovski’s campaign this season.


Content from the ambassadors have started appearing online, including fun and playful videos with motivational messages, and photos showcasing how they create their own style with the brand.

What stands out about Swarovski’s #FollowTheLight campaign is that it the content genuinely feels like it is centred on a message, rather than promotion.

Stars have been encouraged to talk about things they are passionate and engage with their followers. For instance, footballer Leah Williamson shares how she is preparing for a future after football, and Nadiya Hussain reveals how she would love to talk more about her passion for creativity in interviews, but often she is just asked about her faith and her family.

Videos to date have had thousands of views, with Giovanna Fletcher’s debut video fetching 292,444 views alone.

Images have also achieved impressive likes as collectively the four women have a strong and diverse following.

Discussing the brands strategy for working with local ambassadors, managing director for the UK, Hayley Quinn, tells Professional Jeweller: “Our strategy is not about building brand awareness, we’ve got good brand awareness, it’s about giving the consumers a reason to enter into a dialogue, a conversation, an interaction with the brand. Using brand ambassadors helps us start that conversation.”

While Quinn admits the use of brand ambassadors, particularly local ones, has been a positive experience for the brand, she does warn that the partnership must be right for it actually work.

She shares: “It is a bit of a double edge sword because you have to find brand ambassadors whose values resonate with the values of the brand. Nothing is worse than a brand ambassador that doesn’t quite gel – and we all know of a few companies who have faces or ambassadors that seems a bit odd.

“The secret for both parties is that both people have got to get something out of it. We’ve got to be able to help support them tell their story they got to help us tell our stories. I would strongly suggest if anybody else is thinking of doing, it is fabulous, as long as the relationship is right. Don’t just do it because brand ambassadors work, it only works when they are the right people for your brand or your business and you are right for them.”

Take a look at the first images from the campaign here: