Swarovski has partnered with its brand ambassador Karlie Kloss to offer consumers the first-ever Swarovski dating quiz.

For the quiz, Swarovski has partnered with the ambassador’s coding initative Karlie’s Kode with Klossy, to reinforce its roots in innovation and technology.

Vice president digital communication, PR & events at Swarovski, Yelena Aschberger explains: “While the Valentine’s Day occasion is an important one from a commercial perspective, the messaging can often be rather cliché. By collaborating again with Karlie Kloss as a content creator, this time highlighting her brilliant coding skills, we were able to achieve something unexpected and authentic. This is in line with our strategy to engage with a millennial audience by delivering unique sweet-spot content to which everyday women can connect and relate.”


Wishing to engage with millennials, partnering with Kode With Klossy supports the brand in an even stronger shift to digital.

“In the spirit of the unexpected and unconventional, we wanted to take a different approach and reach out to a broader target audience – not only those who are celebrating their relationship but everyone who wants to celebrate the brilliance of love in a modern extraordinary way,” Aschberger, adds