Swiss police give diamond theft images to Interpol

CCTV images may help in hunt for suspects after $15m diamond robbery.

Swiss police have handed images to Interpol of the suspects they believe were involved in the robbery of four diamonds from BaselWorld on Wednesday March 30.

Markus Melzl, official spokesman for the case from the Basel prosecutor’s office, said: "We obtained several images from surveillance cameras depicting who we think are the perpetrators."

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The suspects have not been identified, but their images have been forwarded to Interpol in the hopes of identifying them.
A group of four to five suspects stole four diamonds worth millions from a diamond trader Messika.

It is believed that the stand had screws removed from its showcases during the night, and the following morning the glass was lifted with four diamonds worth a total of $15m (£9.3m) stolen. It was 15 minutes before they were recognised as missing.



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