T H March promises swift insurance settlements for Hatton Garden victims

Leading jewellery trade insurance broker T H March has broken its silence over the Hatton Garden robbery in a bid to reassure customers who were victims of the heist.

T H March has welcomed the news that significant progress has been made by police towards solving the recent multi-million pound Hatton Garden Heist and says it will not delay its customers’ claims being settled.                                  

 Recovery of stolen jewellery will not delay insurance settlements for our clients and it’s excellent news that arrests have been made.

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An official press release explains that the “company’s policy on high profile jewellery trade crimes is normally to remain quiet,” but breaking news and “especially comments regarding insurance settlement delays” has inspired them to speak out.

T H March managing director Neil McFarlane (pictured) said: “It has been business as usual at TH March but the time is right now to put to rest some victims’ serious concerns over possible delays in insurance pay-outs, especially in the wake of recent developments.

I am really pleased to say that TH March settled its first claim in full in just over three weeks. This was for a five figure sum.  Claims for all of our other clients affected are being dealt with as quickly as possible, subject to the usual obligations regarding proof of loss.”

He added: “It is excellent news that a number of people have been caught and charged, together with the recovery of a substantial amount of the stolen jewellery and I want to make it clear that the insurers we deal with have confirmed they will continue to work towards settling all claims, rather than using this as a delaying tactic.

“In the wake of the devastating raid at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd, there has been a lot of speculation and negativity about how the insurance industry might deal with these claims. The issues are complex.

In the midst of all of this, T H March has simply got on with the job of dealing with its customers’ insurance claims and legitimate concerns.”

McFarlane added: “It is at times like this that experience really shows. I am proud of the way that the whole team at T H March have been working with our underwriters, pulling together like a well-oiled machine to try to get people’s lives and businesses back on track as swiftly as possible.”

The company’s first customer to receive settlement in the wake of Hatton Garden said:

“Given that barely a month has passed since the robbery, with Police officers still on scene, I cannot help but say how impressed my team and I are with the speediness of this settlement.

Perhaps just as notable is the very way in which you (T H March) fielded our claim. It was clear that far from raising delaying tactics or being ‘out to get us’ so to speak, you displayed understanding and a clear readiness to move forward.

My feelings go out to all fellow tradesmen who were not insured and whose livelihoods have been ruined by no fault of their own. 

On a personal note I thank God for giving me the sense to have taken out a proper insurance policy – and with a proper insurance broking company!”



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