T to Z of British design


We bring you some of the big names of British fashion.

Agree or disagree with the list, but doubt not that our fair isles pack a punch on the jewellery scene.

T is for Theo Fennell, TACH, Tartan Twist, Tateossian, Tina Lillenthal, Tink Jewellery, Tomasz Donocik, Tatty Devine

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Tomasz Donocik

London based designer Tomasz Donocik was born in Poland and raised in Austria. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Donocik worked for internationally renowned jeweller Stephen Webster. Donocik’s body of work attempts to boldly reinterpret modernity through subverting motifs of classicism and masculinity. His inspirations consist of literature, architecture and surrealism.

U is for Unique Jewellery

V is for Vivienne Westwood

W is for William Cheshire, Wright & Teague

X is for Paola X

Y is for Yunis & Eliza, Yves Frey

Yves Frey

Yves Frey, born of four generation of Antwerp based diamond merchants, creates specialised diamond jewellery with an emphasis on natural fancy colour diamonds and unique stones.

Z is for Zelia Horsley, Zelda Wong

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