TAG Heuer supercar to drive into Selfridges


Zero-emission roadster arrives in London on last leg of world mission.

Selfridges’ Wonder Room will play host to the TAG Heuer ‘Odyssey of Pioneers’ Tesla Roadster as it arrives in London on the latest leg of its zero-emission around the world journey.

The supercar, which is almost at the end of its 37,000 mile, record-breaking trip, is to be exhibited at Selfridges from September 16-19 as part of TAG Heuer’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

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Since setting off from Geneva in January, the TAG Heuer Tesla has travelled to Basel, Monaco, Milan, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

This is by the far the longest journey that has been made in an electronic vehicle. After its three days in London, the car will be continuing on to Paris for a night, before returning to its original starting point in Geneva.

Visitors to the Selfridges Wonder Room will be able to see the travel-stained Tesla up close and view its interior, which is equipped with a

TAG Heuer Meridiist luxury mobile telephone, a limited edition TAG Heuer stopwatch and an example of the brand’s new concept timepiece, the Pendulum, which contains the first mechanical watch movement to work without the aid of a hairspring.

Also on show, alongside the supercar, will be an exhibition of TAG Heuer watches from the past, present and future, created to mark the brand’s milestones since it was created in 1860.

A number of classic drivers watches will be featured, such as the original 1964 Carrera, the Monaco made famous by Steve McQueen in ‘Le Mans’ and the S/el of the late 1980s, worn by Ayrton Senna. Modern watches will include the Microtimer of 2003, the Carrera Calibre 360 rose gold, the belt drove Monaco V4 and the recently-launched Carrera 1887.

Powered by 6,831 ion cobalt lithium cells, the Tesla can travel up to 340 km on a single charge, accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and reach an electronically limited top speed of 210 km/h.

Selfridges director of accessories Sebastian Manes said: “Selfridges is excited to host TAG Heuer’s 150th anniversary, providing in-store the only London stop on the first worldwide tour of an electrical car. We look forward to celebrating TAG Heuer’s long-standing relationship with motor racing and our shared commitment to the environment. Not to mention exclusively showcasing their new concept in watch-making, the TAG Heuer Pendulum.”

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