Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Cred Jewellery introduces sustainable packaging

The new environmentally responsible packaging costs us up to five times more than standard packaging, but it is a cost Cred is willing to pay.

OPINION: Lab-grown diamonds are here to stay

Cred Jewellery’s director, Alan Frampton, explains why demand is outstripping supply.

“Fairtrade gold is now working,” reports Cred Jewellery

Mining communities are now reaping the rewards of working with the ethical foundation.

OPINION: What does De Beers expanding into lab-grown diamond jewellery mean for the industry?

Cred Jewellery director, Alan Frampton, shares his thoughts on the announcement that the De Beers Group has now launched into lab-grown diamonds jewellery. Words by...

DIAMOND DEBATE: The case for lab-grown diamonds

Discussions about lab-grown diamonds in the UK jewellery industry have been increasing over the last year, with more and more suppliers playing with the...

EXCLUSIVE: Ethical jeweller convinced that lab-grown diamonds are the future

Leading ethical jewellery brand Cred has weighed in on the natural versus lab-grown diamonds debate, arguing that synthetic pieces are more sustainable than mined...

Chichester high street boasts of strong independent jewellery retailers

For a small city with a population under 30,000, Chichester high street hosts a selection of strong independent jewellers. Out of the independent jewellers which...

Demand for Fairtrade gold grows in the USA and Europe

Cred Jewellery has announced that the demand for Fairtrade gold has grown across Europe and the USA. The biggest development is the opening of the...

Cred Jewellery secures five stockists for Fairtrade silver collections

Cred Jewellery has secured five high-quality retailers for its first wholesale silver jewellery collection. The Fairtrade brand showcased its wholesale silver jewellery offering at the...

Liz Earle scoops Best Jewellery Collection at CMJ Spring Trade event

Beauty and wellbeing guru Liz Earle’s debut collection of Fairtrade jewellery has been honoured by the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ). At an event held...