Friday, July 30, 2021
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Deakin & Francis commits to using Single Mine Origin gold

Family-owned jeweller founded in 1786 will now use SMO certified gold in the manufacture of all of its signet rings

Betts Group supplies Single Mine Origin gold to BBC’s All That Glitters

Betts Group has revealed that it was the primary supplier of precious metal used in BBC Two’s new jewellery series, All That Glitters. The family-run...

How Betts Metals is leading the way in ethical mining practices

One of the oldest precious metal businesses in the world at more than 260 years old, Betts Group is out to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks

Boodles now using single mine origin gold in all jewellery

Boodles has revealed that it has now made the switch to single mine origin (SMO) gold in all of its jewellery designs. The brand said...

Boodles commits to using only single mine origin gold

Boodles has revealed this week that it will be committing to use of single mine origin (SMO) gold only in its gold jewellery pieces. With...

Betts Group makes sustainable shift to responsibly sourced gold to mark 260th anniversary

Precious metals specialist and one of the UK's oldest family-run businesses, Betts Group, has announced that it will use responsibly sourced gold in all...

Boodles commits to creating jewellery with ethically sourced gold

British jeweller Boodles has taken a step towards becoming more sustainable by joining forces with Betts Metals to use ethical gold in designs. Boodles and...