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BOOK CLUB: Delve into Van Cleef's royal jewels

BOOK CLUB: Delve into Van Cleef's royal jewels

Pierre Arpels on the jewelled wonders of the Iranian royal family. Vincent Maylan’s new book digs into treasure troves across the world, recounting the stories behind Van Cleef & Arpels’ creations for princesses, film stars and ballerinas. In this extract, Pierre Arpels describes working with the thousands of gemstones owned by the Iranian royal family

BOOK CLUB: Discovering Nardi’s Venetian treasures

Nicholas Foulkes recalls his first piece from the fine jeweller. Nestled in a corner of St. Marks Square is Nardi, a family business steeped in history, decadent jewels and glittering gemstones. In this extract from the sumptuous new book celebrating the brand, known simply as Nardi, author Nicholas Foulkes describes the moment he discovered its

BOOK CLUB: Alex Monroe’s Two Turtle Doves

How lust inspired the British designer’s iconic Bumblebee pendant. Dubbed a memoir of making things, Alex Monroe has released Two Turtle Doves, a book that details the stories behind his best-loved jewellery collections and the influence of his life growing up in the Suffolk countryside. In this extract, he describes the inspiration behind the brand’s

BOOK CLUB: Inside Pandora

Endless Jewelry founder Jesper Nielsen on creating how own brand. Jesper Nielsen is the man that built Pandora’s presence in Germany before selling his share in the company in 2011. He has now launched his own brand, Endless Jewelry, and recently published his own book Inside Pandora. In this extract, he reveals his personal approach to

BOOK CLUB: 21st Century Jewellery Designers

Meet four trendsetting jewellers including Hemmerle and Sevan Bicakci. Each page of An Inspired Style: 21st Century Jewellery Designers burst with colour and sumptuous jewels from the likes of JAR, Lydia Courteille and Tomasz Donocik. Here we present a snapshot of four designers features in the book, in the words of its author Juliet Weir-De

BOOK CLUB: Fashion Jewellery – Made in Italy

Discover the 1980s jewellery design talents that put Italy on the map. Fashion Jewellery: Made in Italy by Deanna Farneti Cera explores Italian jewellery design from the turn of the 20th century to the present day. This excerpt, dedicated to the 1980s, charts the rise of mixed-material jewellery and the emerging design talents of the

BOOK CLUB:20th Century Jewelry& The Icons of Style

The stories behind some of Wallis Simpson’s most iconic jewellery. In the brand new book 20th Century Jewelry & The Icons of Style, authors Stefano Papi and Alexandra Rhodes explore the personalities behind some of the most iconic and alluring jewellery of last century, including the legendary Wallis Simpson, famed for her love affair with

PJ Book Club: Precious Jewellery from Plastics

Design techniques and advice for making plastic jewellery luxurious. Plastic is rarely considered a luxury material but jewellery designers can date to make it precious, says Chris Bond, author of new book Design & Make: Precious Jeweller from Plastic. In this excerpt he discusses designer jewellery for different audiences and strategy to consider when creating

PJ Book Club: New Earrings

A short history of the earring as an historical method of adornment. Nicholas Estrada’s book New Earrings features more than 500 contemporary earrings from across the world. Carolina Hornauer pens an historical introduction that sets the tone for the exploratory and informative new book. The ear is the organ responsible for detecting sound and maintaining