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HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Natalia Rocchi, H Samuel Bridal Diamonds Buyer, Signet Jewelers

HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Natalia Rocchi, H Samuel Bridal Diamonds Buyer, Signet Jewelers

Natalia Rocchi is a homemaker at heart, surrounding herself with mementos of her travels, pictures of the people who are important to her, and the modern art and portrait photography she so loves. “I have been a fan of pop art since I was a teenager, and during my university years discovered photographers such as

HOT 100 BUSINESS BIGSHOTS: Rob Passmore, CEO & Co-founder, Jewelstreet

With consumers becoming more comfortable purchasing high-end items online, Jewelstreet has done itself no harm by positioning its e-commerce site as the future of fine jewellery. The international re-launch of the business has propelled the company onto the global stage and provided more than 300 handpicked jewellery designers and brands with a window to the

HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: ​Diane Smith, Category Manager Jewellery & Beauty, Notonthehighstreet.com

As the name suggests, Notonthehighstreet.com is not your average retailer – it’s a business wholeheartedly focused on growing small businesses and providing truly trailblazing products that consumers simply can’t find elsewhere. That model has proved absolutely ripe for the jewellery market, where the entrepreneurial company has relished the challenge of creating and maintaining a diverse

HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Henry Deakin & James Deakin, Managing Director & Creative Director, Deakin & Francis

Marketing is an intrinsic part of the product mix that needs to keep evolving, even if you are a 230-year-old business, as cufflinks, jewellery and fine accessories specialist Deakin & Francis will testify. The company has more miles on the clock than most courtesy of its proud history in the jewellery segment, but that hasn’t

HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Stephen Whittaker, Managing Director, Fellows Auctioneers

People are so accustomed to seeing me in a suit that they only see the formal side of me but actually I am really happy messing around in the garden or doing jobs at home – sadly commitments to Fellows sometimes makes this difficult,” says Stephen Whittaker, shedding light on the story behind his Hot

HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Henry Curteis & George Curteis, Chairman & Account Manager, Curteis

For Henry and George Curteis, the past 12 months have seen successes both in and out of business. Their jewellery manufacturing company, Curteis Ltd, has seen continued expansion in London, which is an achievement that George is particularly proud of. “Providing a reliable and high-quality supply of chains and jewellery-making services to the capital’s jewellers

HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Tobias Kormind & David Allen, Managing Director & Creative Director, 77 Diamonds

As the self-styled “new breed” of jeweller specialising in engagement rings and diamond jewellery, 77 Diamonds finds itself at the cutting edge of online retail. And there’s no doubting what the big focus is: optimisation. In its quest to bring simplicity, clarity, choice and value to the process of buying the highest quality diamonds and