Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Cred Jewellery introduces sustainable packaging

The new environmentally responsible packaging costs us up to five times more than standard packaging, but it is a cost Cred is willing to pay.

OPINION: Lab-grown diamonds are here to stay

Cred Jewellery’s director, Alan Frampton, explains why demand is outstripping supply.

“Fairtrade gold is now working,” reports Cred Jewellery

Mining communities are now reaping the rewards of working with the ethical foundation.

Demand for Fairtrade gold continues to increase in the UK

The latest shipment of Fairtrade gold brought into the UK was the biggest to date as demand keeps on growing. Cred Jewellery reveals last month's...

DIAMOND DEBATE: The case for lab-grown diamonds

Discussions about lab-grown diamonds in the UK jewellery industry have been increasing over the last year, with more and more suppliers playing with the...

“Demand for Fairtrade gold is growing,” claims Cred Jewellery

Ethical jeweller Cred has brought in the single largest Doré bar of Fairtrade gold so far in response to consumer demand. Cred’s biggest shipment to...

VIDEO: Cred celebrates mercury free mining in Uganda

Cred Jewellery has created a video to celebrate the first commercial shipment of Fairtrade gold from Africa. Ugandan gold miners have joined the Fairtrade family...

First fairtrade gold from Africa arrives in the UK

The first piece of jewellery crafted in fairtrade gold from Africa will be unveiled in London today. Champions of ethics in the industry, Cred Jewellery,...

Cred unveils first pieces crafted in Fairtrade gold from Africa

Cred Jewellery has unveiled a collection crafted using the first Fairtrade gold from Africa. The Syanyonja collection, which has been named after the association of...