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$100k Oscars goodie bags contain premium diamond jewellery

$100k Oscars goodie bags contain premium diamond jewellery

This year’s Academy Awards nominees will leave the ceremony with free gifts, including luxury jewellery, regardless of whether they triumph in their category. It has been revealed that the ‘Everyone Wins’ goodie bags that are given to the 26 acting and directing nominees will contain a diamond necklace. As well as the conflict-free necklace, the

VIDEO: The making of Boodles Vintage Lace necklace

Detailed film shows goldsmiths hand-making 44.85ct diamond design. A new film released by Boodles shows in detail the making of the brand’s unique Vintage Lace necklace – a platinum design set with almost 45cts of white, flawless diamonds. The film, titled The Making of a Masterpiece, focuses on goldsmiths hand-making the designs in Boodles London