Sunday, October 17, 2021
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FEATURE: How to solve the diamond industry’s great rift?

As the diamond industry begins to get back on its feet and look to a post-pandemic world, an internal issue is on the agenda...

Nivoda super-charges diamond buying platform with new functionality

Melee search facility, Shopify plugin and enhanced customer-facing mode are all part of improvements being introduced this quarter

London Diamonds offers lab-grown and mined stones to let customers make choice

UK jewellery brand London Diamonds is allowing customers to make their own choice by offering both lab-grown and naturally mined diamonds. The debate about natural...

VIDEO: Jeweller receives Guinness World Record for most diamonds on a single ring

With well over 12,000 diamonds included in the piece, 'The Marigold' soundly beat the previous record by nearly 5,000 diamonds

Diamond platform adds 40 suppliers a week as it builds enormous virtual inventory

B2B jewellery trading platform Nivoda is getting closer towards reaching its goal of having all the available diamonds in the world on its site...

New innovation creates world’s first ‘carbon-negative’ diamonds

American jewellery company Aether claims to have made the world's first carbon-negative diamonds, using polluted air in an innovative and sustainable new method. Aether converts...

EXCLUSIVE: Nivoda moots invoice financing to support users of diamond trading platform

Nivoda could add an invoice financing facility to its offer in a bid to facilitate more business between buyers and suppliers trading diamonds through...

Football club owner’s jewellery venture ‘grows diamonds from the sky’

Gemstones from ‘sky mining facility’ in Gloucestershire will be available from 2021 as entrepreneur looks to challenge traditional production techniques

BREAKING NEWS: Natural Diamond Council launches first-ever global celebrity campaign

Ana de Armas, star of Knives Out and the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die, has become the first-ever celebrity to spearhead a global campaign...

De Beers hopeful consumers will buy diamonds from unspent holiday funds

In its latest 'Diamond Insight Flash Report', De Beers Group has revealed its hopes that consumers will buy diamonds with their unspent holiday funds...