Thursday, August 5, 2021
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GET TO KNOW: Domino Jewellery operations director Kerry Saunders

Birmingham-based jewellery manufacturer Domino Jewellery operating across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Here operations director, Kerry Saunders, tells PJ about her very recent entry into the jewellery...

Top three jewellery industry rules for success, part one

Specially for International Women's Day, Professional Jeweller has asked some of the industry's most powerful female figures for their top tips in the business. The series...

Q&A: Why Domino Jewellery takes ‘a partnership approach to working with retailers’

Naomi Newton-Sherlock is creative director of Domino Jewellery. Here she talks through the brand's product plans for the year leading up to Christmas 2021, and...

Whatever your style, Domino Jewellery has you covered

Domino Jewellery has further enhanced its wedding ring collection by launching a stunning range of 26 new shaped and decorative ring designs for 2021. These...

PJ PODCAST: Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify now

Domino's Andrew Morton talks a whirlwind 2020 and plans for next year, while Victoria Houghton discusses the upcoming renovation of Hamilton & Inches' five-storey Georgian Edinburgh store

COLLECTIONS OF THE YEAR 2020: Bridal jewellery

‘Classic’ and ‘timeless’ have been the two most important words in bridal jewellery this year. View the winners and finalists below: WINNER: Domino Jewellery - The...

COLLECTIONS OF THE YEAR 2020: Fine jewellery

Accessible contemporary designs, and high-end pieces with striking stones are the order of the day in the fine jewellery market. View the winner and finalists...

GET TO KNOW: Domino Jewellery key accounts manager Sam Felton

PJ sat down with Domino Jewellery's key accounts manager, Sam Felton, to discuss everything from his start in the industry 22 years ago to...

FEATURE: The great engagement ring sales spike of 2020

Almost as soon as the UK hunkered down for the national lockdown back in late-March, jewellers across the country began to notice an interesting trend: a significant uptick in engagement ring sales. PJ reports.

Collections of the Year 2020 Bridal Jewellery finalists

Introducing the four bridal jewellery collections that have been flying off the shelves this year