Thursday, September 16, 2021
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EDITORIAL VIEW: Which UK jewellers are equipped to survive a prolonged tourist drought?

The pandemic is having a dramatic impact on customer demographics and purchasing channels, especially at the high-end

Guest Editor’s View: “WJN is proud to support equality for all”

The Women's Jewellery Network's managing director reveals why she started WJN and what she hopes trade professionals will get from this special edition.

Editor’s view: “It’s about unlocking something that resonates with the consumer”

The art of storytelling is a key part of the buying experience, our editor learns

Editor’s View: “Younger customers will not shop in a store with no online presence”

As November is an important month for online retail, our editor looks at the need for jewellery firms to have a digital platform.

Editor’s View: “There is no reason this can’t be a thriving trade for years...

I’m feeling excited about the future of the luxury jewellery industry. Yes, I am aware of the struggles on the British high street, and I...

Editor’s View: “Would you shop in your store?”

Every month I have the privilege of visiting some of the most amazing and innovative jewellery shops in the UK. Up and down the country,...