Thursday, January 27, 2022
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FEATURE: How jewellers can earn commission on customers’ purchases

With customers keen to invest in luxury items, is your store taking advantage of opportunities to earn commission and harness customer loyalty?

Top 3 digital tech tools jewellery businesses may not have heard of

With the pandemic acting as a catalyst to innovation, the digital retail landscape has come a long way in the past two years

FEATURE: The great digital retail revolution

The shift towards online retail and subsequent digital innovations may have sped up during the pandemic but really the changes have only just begun for the sector

FEATURE: Is your business doing enough to show consumers it is socially responsible?

It has never been more important to let customers know that your product is ethically and sustainably sourced - here's how to do it

FEATURE: Why did fine jewellery flourish during pandemic?

The segment has done particularly well with consumers since early last year, but how can jewellers make sure it continues to thrive?

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor & Hart establishes new growth plan and ramps up revenue goals

Speaking to Professional Jeweller, Nikolay Piriankov, chief executive officer at Taylor & Hart, said the brand was on track to excel its 2019 turnover of £5.3m by ‘two-fold’ by the end of 2020, before the pandemic put paid to a number of years of impressive growth for the company.

FEATURE: Jessica Herrin on how Stella & Dot is a business that goes beyond...

Founded a little over ten years ago, Stella & Dot was created by mother of two and business entrepreneur, Jessica Herrin, as a social selling platform which allows individuals to run their own jewellery business to fit around their lifestyles.

FEATURE: Pandora’s Minna Philipson is breaking the glass ceiling

Pandora’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer Minna Philipson reveals what it’s like to be the only female on the brand’s board, and...

Q&A: Maria e Luisa grows international brand in the UK market

After years as marketing manager at Pianegonda, Maria Luisa took a long break from the jewellery business only to realise how much she had...

FEATURE: Chain specialist Curteis on best sellers and business growth

The heart of the Shropshire countryside may not seem like the obvious place for a specialist chain manufacturer, but Curteis has certainly found a...