Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Q&A: Bradley’s Jewellers owner on why now was the time to launch first in-house...

Kay Bradley on what inspired the new direction for the business, whether there was any concern about stocking the relatively new product type, and how the range has been selling so far

SPECIAL REPORT: What do consumers really think of lab-grown diamonds?

Green Rocks Diamonds takes a look at the data and interviews end-customers to gauge their awareness and opinion of the product

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: Lab-grown diamond consumer awareness research

Here the lab-grown diamond specialist takes a look at what the data says about end-customers' opinions on the booming product category

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: What consumers really think of LGDs, in their own words

Here couples Hayley and Holly and Stephen and Olga have their say after purchasing lab-grown diamond rings

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: Lab-grown diamond jewellery retailer case study

Kimaï is a bespoke fine jewellery service specialising in the use of laboratory-grown diamonds and stocked in Selfridges and Browns

Green Rocks Diamonds takes another step in pursuit of sustainability

The company has now been accredited under the SCS 007 Sustainability Rated Diamond Standard for Trial Use

JOB OF THE WEEK: Green Rocks Created Diamonds on the hunt for account managers...

Lab-grown diamond specialist is searching for three new additions to the thriving London team as it plots rapid growth

SPECIAL REPORT: Green Rocks busts lab-grown diamond myths and misconceptions

The diamond company with loyalties to both natural and lab-grown industries takes a look at why LGDs are an opportunity not a threat

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: What do consumers think of lab-grown diamonds?

Some in the industry are sceptical of the product but ultimately it is always the customer who knows best

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: A history of lab-grown diamonds

The company's Maiko Eaton takes PJ on a whistle-stop tour of some of the key dates in the history of LGDs and their ever-evolving terminology