Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Hatton Garden gang member ordered to pay back £6m or face extra jail time

Michael Seed, 60, was responsible for accessing the Hatton Garden premises and disabling its security systems during infamous heist in 2015

Hatton Garden heist culprit handed seven years extra jail time

John Collins, one of six men to take part in the infamous 2015 Hatton Garden heist, has had his prison sentence extended following a failure to pay his confiscation order.

Hatton Garden raider speaks out for first time to point fingers

Mastermind is accused of missing a major detail and abandoning ship went it started to go wrong.

Hatton Garden heist victims slam new star-studded film for making a “comedy out of...

Victims of the Hatton Garden heist have spoken out about the latest film to be released about the robbery. The star-studded film, King of Thieves,...

Hatton Garden heist mastermind released from prison

The mastermind behind the Hatton Garden heist has been released from prison after serving just three years of his sentence. According to reports from national newspapers,...

Hatton Garden heist thief warns young lads against a life of crime

One of the ringleaders of the Hatton Garden heist has urged young lads not to follow in his footsteps. Daniel Jones, 63, repented in court...

New arrest made in connection to the Hatton Garden heist

A new man has been charged and items seized over the Hatton Garden heist, which took place three years ago over Easter weekend. According to...

Hatton Garden heist ringleader dies in prison

The ringleader of the ‘largest burglary in English legal history’, Terry Perkins, has died in prison. Perkins, aged 69, was serving a seven year jail...

Hatton Garden heist gang have to pay back £14m to avoid more jail time

The gang behind Britian’s biggest ever burglary have been told to pay back £14 million or face more time in jail, a confiscation hearing...

Value of goods stolen during Hatton Garden heist rises to £25m

The value of the goods stolen during the infamous Hatton Garden heist has risen to an estimated £25m. It was originally thought the value of...