Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Hatton Garden heist mastermind released from prison

The mastermind behind the Hatton Garden heist has been released from prison after serving just three years of his sentence. According to reports from national newspapers,...

Hatton Garden raid ‘ringleader’ sentenced

Brian Reader, 77, the eldest of the group of men who broke into and raided 73 safety deposit boxes over Easter last year, has...

Fugitive behind Hatton Garden raid is ‘ex-policeman’

The ‘brains’ behind the Hatton Garden safety deposit raid, who has never been arrested and remains on the run, is a former policeman, it...

Raider ‘had no skills to offer’ Hatton Garden heist

One of the men accused of being part of the Hatton Garden heist could not have been involved because he lacked any skill to...

Raider brags about Hatton Garden heist

The jury in the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit trial have heard recordings of the raiders bragging about the £14m heist. According to the BBC, police...

Jewellery plot was ‘three years in the making’

Planning for the Hatton Garden heist began as far back as 2012, prosecutor Philip Evans told Woolwich Crown Court yesterday. The raid, which the court...

Hatton Garden raid was the ‘largest in English history’

The Hatton Garden Safety Deposit raid over the Easter weekend was the “largest burglary in English legal history”, it was claimed yesterday. The trial of...

Hatton Garden thief shows police where stolen goods are buried

Police have recovered what is believed to be some of the property from the Hatton Garden raid at a cemetery in North London, according...

FEATURE: Insurance claims in the post-Hatton Garden raid era

The Hatton Garden heist has shaken the industry; not just for those whose goods were stolen, but for those who have niggling doubts about...

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