Thursday, September 16, 2021
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British retailers fail to embrace new Instagram technology despite selling power

The vast majority of British retailers have failed to adopt new technology designed to boost online revenues, study reveals. The selling power of a brand...

OPINION: What can retailers expect from Christmas 2017?

Retailers across the UK are wondering what’s in store for Christmas 2017. A period of consumer uncertainty influenced by the political economic impacts of...

OPINION: Jewellery retail industry bamboozled by Brexit

Cybertill chief executive officer, Ian Tomlinson, believes that it is essential for retailers to be aware of the backlash of Brexit to help guide...

OPINION: Retailtainment is the new buzzword jewellers can’t ignore

Cybertill chief executive officer, Ian Tomlinson, believes 'retailtainment' is the buzzword of the moment and a new in-store approach beckoning jewellery retailers. Here, he...

Cybertill launches free guide to help jewellers improve business

Retail management software provider, Cybertil, has created an information guide for UK jewellers to consider ways technology and EPoS can improve business, profit and competitive performance. Whilst EPoS...