Friday, January 28, 2022
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Houlden members gear up for last day of annual London event

Jewellery buying group Houlden has opened the doors to the final day of its annual London event this morning. The event kickstarted on Monday, February...

Houlden unveils Diamond by Appointment competition winner

Jewellery buying group Houlden has unveiled the winner of its Jewellers of Excellence campaign competition in conjunction with wedding ring manufacturer Diamond by Appointment. As...

Houlden Jewellers founder brings retirement date forward

Houlden Jewellers has officially announced that the founding director of the group, Stuart Laing, will be bringing forward his retirement date. Laing was due to...

HOT 100 2015 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Stuart Laing

There’s something bittersweet about Stuart Laing’s two greatest achievements over the last 12 months; the first focuses on the future of the Houlden Group...

FEATURE: Buying groups target jewellery shoppers with B2C sites

As Professional Jeweller unveiled the Reach List 2015, an index of the power of jewellery retailers and brands across the British digital landscape, both...

The Houlden Group launches Jewellers of Excellence

The Houlden Group has officially launched its consumer-facing brand, Jewellers of Excellence. At the end of October 2015, Houlden unveiled its B2C Jewellers of Excellence...

Houlden Group plots public-facing marketing plan

Jewellers of Excellence logo to play key role in building reputation.Houlden Group shared its marketing plan with its members last week, unveiling plans to...