Friday, December 3, 2021
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Apply for Klarna’s £3m support package for SMEs hit by pandemic

Package will provide support across different elements of business, from office space and customer acquisition to advertising support

Buy-now-pay-later firms like Klarna to take hit from incoming government regulation

Government looks to act quickly as buy-now-pay-later services surge in popularity, causing some buyers to rack up debts into the thousands of pounds

Lark & Berry introduces new flexible payment option with Klarna partnership

Lark & Berry said its customers can now shop from the safety of their home by deciding at checkout to pay in three instalments on purchases of up to £1,000

Pandora jewellery ranked as ultimate Christmas gift

E-commerce and online financial services specialist Klarna has revealed that Pandora jewellery ranks as one of the most cherished Christmas gifts that consumers have...

Online shopping app Klarna announces feature-filled update

Global payments and shopping service Klarna has announced the launch of its newly redesigned app, elevating the shopping experience for users across the UK...

Klarna urges consumers to shop smarter with new ‘three rule’ initiative

Klarna has unveiled its new initiative that encourages consumers to shop smarter and avoid overbuying by applying the ‘rule of three’ before making a...

Lady Gaga proposes to herself in Klarna campaign

Lady Gaga proposed to herself on Valentine’s Day in defiant response to the old tradition that women can propose to men every February 29th. Klarna’s...

Klarna aims to empower women with exclusive new jewellery collaboration

2020 is a leap year — the one year in four when tradition says it is acceptable for women to propose to their partner...

ROUNDTABLE DEBATE: How can jewellery firms engage staff and drive consumer loyalty?

In partnership with leading payment provider, Klarna, Professional Jeweller gathered jewellery industry leaders to discuss engaging staff and driving consumer loyalty in today’s ever-evolving...

REVEALED: Product, customer service and a USP are key to driving consumer loyalty

Key jewellery industry players discuss how the trade can build loyalty with customers in today’s challenging retail climate.