Sunday, January 16, 2022
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One in every 1,000 diamond miners injured annually, claims lab-grown manufacturer

Claim comes as part of an infographic from comparing lab-grown diamonds favourably to their mined counterparts

IGI to host first ever international charity auction of lab-grown diamonds

Virtual auction format means UK bidders can get involved as over £50k worth of lab-grown diamonds and jewellery goes under the hammer

Birmingham Assay Office will now screen for lab-grown diamonds

SafeGuard Valuations will complete the service on behalf of Birmingham Assay Office as default as part of its jewellery valuation service

INDUSTRY VIEW: The future of lab-grown diamonds

An in-depth look at how two of the industry's giants are approaching the lab-grown diamond question and what that could mean for the future of diamond jewellery

WD Lab Grown Diamonds expands with senior leadership team appointments

Company is looking to further its expansion with the addition of Elda Fistani and Herb Doscher to the team

SPECIAL REPORT: Green Rocks busts lab-grown diamond myths and misconceptions

The diamond company with loyalties to both natural and lab-grown industries takes a look at why LGDs are an opportunity not a threat

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: What do consumers think of lab-grown diamonds?

Some in the industry are sceptical of the product but ultimately it is always the customer who knows best

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: A history of lab-grown diamonds

The company's Maiko Eaton takes PJ on a whistle-stop tour of some of the key dates in the history of LGDs and their ever-evolving terminology

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: Natural vs lab-grown diamonds – what’s the difference?

Green Rocks CEO Leon Peres takes a look at whether there is any chemical or structural difference between the two

INTERVIEW: ‘Entirely carbon neutral’ lab-grown diamond brand Vrai eyes UK market

The international, direct-to-consumer brand is positioning itself as a sustainable jewellery brand with affordable luxury pieces for a younger market