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Lab-grown diamond producers question De Beers’ pricing strategy

De Beers is gearing up to launch its debut lab-grown diamond jewellery brand, Lightbox, this month, and rivals are questioning whether the proposed price plan is too low. While the date has not been confirmed, this month will see the industry giant official enter the man-made gems market, with a promise to offer consumers high-quality

Signet open to selling lab-grown diamond jewellery if demand grows

Jewellery retail giant, Signet, is open to stocking lab-grown diamond jewellery in its stores if consumers demand it.  The Group, which owns H Samuel and Ernest Jones in the UK, already carries lab-grown gemstones such as sapphires and rubies, but is yet to capitalise on demand for lab-created diamonds. In a recent press conference call

Hockley Mint invests in new diamond detecting technology

Birmingham-based jewellery manufacturer Hockley Mint has invested in a new state-of-the-art diamond testing equipment in order to combat the reported rise in laboratory-grown diamonds, particularly when mixed into melée parcels of supposedly natural stones. Hockley Mint’s new ‘Sherlock Holmes’ diamond detector rapidly detects every type of laboratory-grown diamond. Rather than testing individual stones with a

NAJ confirms UK’s position on diamond terminology amid media storm

The National Association of Jewellers has spoken out about its position on diamond terminology, follow recent publicity on the Federal Trade Commission’s adjustments in the US. Last month the FTC removed the word “natural” from its definition of diamond. In practice, this change enables lab-grown firms to claim their stones at 100% diamond, but they must

OPINION: What does De Beers expanding into lab-grown diamond jewellery mean for the industry?

Cred Jewellery director, Alan Frampton, shares his thoughts on the announcement that the De Beers Group has now launched into lab-grown diamonds jewellery. Words by Alan Frampton After years investing in lab-grown diamond production De Beers have entered the market. They knew this was coming. In 2012 when the Oppenheimer family sold their interest in