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Four fine jewellery trends jewellers should stock in time for Christmas

Bespoke twists on old classics have become popular but what else will consumers demand over the coming six months?

PJ PODCAST: Laings’ Stuart McDowell on £10m UK-wide expansion plans

Project will kick off with the renovation of Laings' Cardiff showroom which will triple its square footage, McDowell tells PJ

Laings promises ‘a new form of retail’ with £10m investment project

Coming off the back of its 180th anniversary last year, jeweller Laings is set to invest £10 million over the coming two years. This is...

LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN: Online business ‘stronger than ever’ for Laings despite brick-and-mortar reopening

Around this time last year, PJ ran a series of stories in which we chatted with jewellers to find out their thoughts and predictions...

RETAIL TITANS 2021: Joe Walsh, CEO, Laings

Joe Walsh has spent 10 years at Laings, Scotland’s oldest family jeweller, helping heal a rift in the company during that time

Laings makes £5k donation to British Heart Foundation after December campaign

After a campaign late last year, UK jeweller Laings has made a £5,000 donation to the British Heart Foundation (BHF). It revealed that the BHF's...

VIDEO: Jeweller Laings looks to ‘joy found in the everyday’ in new campaign

As lockdowns continue to become stricter across the UK, Laings urged customers to find joy in unremarkable and everyday events

Laings gets into Christmas spirit with charity push

A post on the jeweller's website revealed that the Laing family has a personal interest in the work of the British Heart Foundation

Laings focuses on family for new Christmas campaign

Luxury jewellers Laings has launched it Christmas campaign for 2020, showcasing its jewellery and watches across stores and online. The campaign focuses on how special...

VIDEO: Laings brings people closer through jewellery with new autumn campaign

The jeweller's autumn pieces feature "the rich colours of autumn" in classic diamond and gemstone jewellery