Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Diamond industry back on track post-pandemic as Lucara posts strong Q2 results after rare...

Company has a 'more positive outlook' after its net income for Q2 was £4.3m up from a net loss of £10m in the same quarter last year

Lucara unearths 470-carat rough diamond in Botswana

Stone was one of six weighing in at over 100 carats in the latest haul from Lucara's Karowe Diamond Mine and its third to tip the scales at over 300 carats this year

HB Antwerp and Lucara enter into ‘long-term agreement’

Agreement will see HB Antwerp purchase all of Lucara Diamond’s rough stones over 10.8ct from its Karowe mine for at least the next two years

Tech company promises ‘complete transparency’ in end-to-end diamond supply chain management system

HB Group has promised the 'first' completely transparent end-to-end diamond supply management system in the world. Its new supply chain management technique, the company said,...

Louis Vuitton bags world’s second largest uncut diamond

Lucara and Louis Vuitton have signed a deal that will see the 1,758-ct diamond used to make jewellery.

Unsold £53m diamond suggests market has reached a tipping point

The failure of the largest diamond discovered in over a century to sell at auction suggests the market could have reached a “tipping point”,...