Thursday, September 16, 2021
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GUEST COLUMN: Jewellery firms should embrace new channels to connect with clients

Account exec for River Mounts, Sequoia Harris O’Reilly, affirms the importance of omnichannel as she reveals how new platforms have benefited the supplier.

OPINON: Cross-platform consistency is key for jewellers in 2020

Integrating platforms will not only deliver a better customer journey but also increase revenues and cut costs, an expert reveals.

TOP TIPS: Find out how jewellers can improve the omnichannel shopping experience

Cybertill shares some advice for jewellery retailers looking to impress consumers with a seamless experience.

Fluid omni-channel retail model is crucial in certain areas, new report reveals

High-ticket items like jewellery mean a physical presence is still very important but retailers in rural areas need to make sure they also crack online.

94% of Brits research products online before making a purchase

New stats reveal just how vital omnichannel retail is for jewellers looking to compete on the high street.

TOP TIPS: Expert advice for jewellers looking to enhance the online customer experience

Jewellers that put these tactics into practice can feel confident they are in a strong position to make the most out of shoppers willing to splash the cash online.

Investment in omnichannel drives profit growth for H&T

The development of click-and-collect online sales and new jewellery lines supported the group's retail growth.

Editor’s View: “Younger customers will not shop in a store with no online presence”

As November is an important month for online retail, our editor looks at the need for jewellery firms to have a digital platform.

How do jewellers create a consistent brand experience in-store and online?

When it comes to omnichannel retail, consistency is key, but how easy is it to create a uniformed experience in-store and online? Research reveals that...

Half of UK shoppers believe stores need to offer a more seamless omnichannel experience

Over 52% of shoppers in the UK believe that retailers need to offer a more seamless experience between online and offline commerce. This was one...