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REVEALED: How can jewellery retailers execute a business-boosting event?

For jewellers looking to be the crème de la crème, events play an important role in bonding with local communities, engaging with new and potential customers in a less formal setting, and letting shoppers know more about the name above the door. It is no well-kept secret that a well-executed event can reap wonders for

Former Facets PR consultant launches service to support jewellery firms

Former B2B consultant for Facets PR Kathryn Bishop has announced she will now be pursuing a career in freelance writing and creative consultancy to offer her services to brands and retailers in the jewellery and watch industry. With more than 12 years’ experience across the realms of jewellery retail, events, PR and journalism, Bishop is

GUEST COLUMN: How to effectively use bloggers and influencers

In an age where bloggers have become celebrities and digital gurus have become influencers, social media, PR and communications consultant Rosalind Shimmen shares how the jewellery industry can utalise this growing trend. Most of us remember the days when only journalists held the key to a brands earned publicity. Companies hired PR personnel to cultivate

GUEST COLUMN: How to get the most out of a PR agency

Guest column by Marie Grove-Walton, the founder and managing director of Grove Communication, a London based boutique PR & social media agency focusing on fashion, lifestyle and luxury goods. Why hire a PR agency? You want to increase sales and grow your business. You need to build your brand in a crowded market and require

HOT 100 2015 NEXGEMS: Phoebe Jewellery

It’s apt that Phoebe has chosen a woodland setting for her profile picture as it reflects her best selling collection, Antler, which has been recognised for three awards in the past 12 months and spotted on Ellie Goulding and Nicole Scherzinger among other celebrities. “It’s always an incredible experience to see an idea that came

INTERVIEW: Bright Sparks United founder on selling jewellery online

Bright Sparks United will present a seminar at Jewellery & Watch titled ‘360 degree marketing: How your digital presence, content and visual identity can make or break your business’. Ahead of the seminar Professional Jeweller caught up with Bright Sparks United founder Satbir Tamber to discuss what visitors can expect from the seminar and how

HOT 100 2015 BRAND CHAMPIONS: James Cook, Jon Crossick and Nick Callegari

With their combined skills and passion for Thomas Sabo, James, Jon and Nick have helped to shape and transform the brand in recent months. For Nick, his proudest achievement has been “building a driven passionate team that provides the very best levels of service to all our wholesale partner”. Thanks to a bit of restructuring

HOT 100 2015 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Mark Faulkner

Endless Jewelry has certainly made an impression on the UK market in the last 12 months, with multiples and independents jumping on board in equal measure. The charm and leather bracelet concept brand, which has recently expanded its offer with silver bracelets and necklaces, is spearheaded in the UK by Mark Faulkner — a man