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London Police solve just 2.6% of moped crimes

London Police solve just 2.6% of moped crimes

Only 2.6% of moped-related crimes are actually solved by police, a new report has revealed. Metropolitan Police released figures this week to show that only 643 moped-related crimes were solved, despite 24,294 being reported to the Force over the last 12 months to April. Most of the crimes were muggings rather than the large scale

Security expert targets smash and grab thieves with new Medusa system

Security expert Hilaire O’Shea has founded and developed a revolutionary new security system that protects retailers from the devastating effects of smash and grab raids. Dubbed Medusa, O’Shea’s new system encases luxury jewellery and watches in an impenetrable block of inert material – making it impossible and impractical for thieves to take them during a

More violence at jewellers as anarchy spreads

Raids at shops in London, Birmingham and Bristol after night of riots. Jewellery retailers are counting the heavy costs this morning after a night of unbelievable rioting across the UK.  As gangs took to the streets looting and burning buildings, jewellery shops became a target for opportunistic thieves. The violence started in Hackney in London