Monday, November 29, 2021
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Diamond prices hang in the balance as trading slows

While Rapaport showed that diamond prices were 'stable' in August the market could go one of two ways in the coming weeks

‘Robust’ diamond sales indicate ‘excellent’ market recovery

Rapaport report said that the short-term outlook for the diamond industry is 'very good to excellent' based on rising prices

Diamonds and jewellery to benefit from Trump victory, claims industry maverick

Donald Trump’s election victory coupled with Republican control of Congress is expected to support increased demand for diamonds and jewellery, a leading diamond maverick...

Polished diamond prices continue to increase in February

The Rapaport monthly report states that polished diamond prices rose in February continuing the up-trend evident since November. The report says shortages have continued to...

Grading labs under the microscope as science of treating diamonds advances

The global business of diamond grading was under the microscope at last week’s Rapaport conference with labs urged to sign up to a global...

Rapaport to launch The Diamond Show in Basel

Event with 60 dealers will take place at same time as BaselWorld.Rapaport Group is set to launch a new diamond trade show in Basel...

November diamond trading falls below expectations

Latest Rapaport report says outlook for festive period is mixed.The latest Rapaport diamond trading report for polished and rough diamonds outlines an upswing at...

Certified polished diamond prices fall in October

Trading volume did not meet expectations for time of year.Rapaport has released its latest certified polished diamond report for October, describing a fall in...

Rapaport to talk synthetic diamonds at Gem-A meet

Diamond expert says unethical suppliers should be named and shamed.Diamond expert and Rapaport group chairman Martin Rapaport will host a presentation focused on synthetic...

Under 25s are the future of diamond sales

Mordy Rapaport reports on the current state of the diamond market.Mordy Rapaport kicked off IJL's seminar schedule yesterday with his report on called The...