Friday, December 3, 2021
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New specialist photography business aims to help jewellers bolster business

Summerleigh Photography hopes to help jewellers increase sales through the launch of an affordable packshot photography service.

Raw Pearls is offering IJL visitors a chance to purchase stones at exclusive prices

Raw Pearls, one of the UK’s leading pearl jewellery suppliers, has had an incredible year with the launch of an innovative education programme, numerous...

MARKET MOVERS: Miranda Raw, director, Raw Pearls

Over the last 12 months Raw Pearls has been making waves in the UK jewellery industry with its products being voted for by retailers...

Raw Pearls releases first online training video comparing natural and synthetic pearls

Pearl jewellery supplier has launched the first instalment of its web-based training programme

COLLECTIONS OF THE YEAR 2018: Pearl Jewellery

Classic pearl styles are getting a revamp from designers and suppliers this year.

“Retailers and suppliers must work together to better incorporate experience,” says Raw Pearls

Pearl jewellery supplier aims to build deeper, longer-term partnerships with its retail customers.

Raw Pearls celebrates Collections of the Year achievement with exclusive offer

Pearl jewellery supplier thanks trade for support with discount incentive.

Collections of the Year 2018 Pearl Jewellery shortlist

We present high performing contemporary products adorned with the classic gemstone.

Must-see jewellery stands at IJL 2018 (L-Z)

Madestones Uncovers Collection At IJL Madestones will display for the first time an international jewellery show its new lab-grown diamond jewellery collection. The jewellery line...