Monday, January 24, 2022
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Businesses look to economic recovery as SMEs predict significant growth in 2021

Businesses are reporting their optimism in regards to the reopening of non-essential retail and the gradual end of lockdowns throughout the coming year. This comes...

Cyber attack warning for SMEs as risks heighten amid Covid-19 pandemic

Jewellery retailers, designers or any small and medium enterprise (SME) could be at greater risk of cyber attacks since the beginning of the coronavirus...

European led SMEs growth outpaces British counterparts

European-led SMEs operating in the UK are growing twice as quickly as their British counterparts, according to new data. A study of 4,000 UK businesses...

SMEs forced to borrow money over Christmas

Almost half (44%) of small and medium sized businesses have been forced to urgently borrow money in order to cover basic monthly costs such...

Third of SMEs fear pound will perish

Survey claims small businesses feel government is under-serving them.A third of small businesses in the UK believe the British pound will be replaced in...