Saturday, October 23, 2021
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GUEST COLUMN: Can jewellery businesses survive in 2021 without being sustainable?

Consumer demand for eco-friendly products and companies has skyrocketed in recent years, so is it even possible to operate today without complying?

GUEST COLUMN: Why sustainability should be priority number one for any jewellery business

Customers are showing an increasing preference for companies with sustainable practices, especially in jewellery, but implementing these practices can be easier said than done,...

Grants available to help businesses reduce carbon footprint

A new grant funding pot of £850,000 has been made available to help small and medium sized enterprises in Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, and...

Jewellery consultancy offers retailers ‘sustainability coaching’

Sustainable fashion and jewellery consultancy, V&V, is supporting jewellery retailers to strengthen their environmental focus with a new 'sustainability coaching package'. V&V co-founder, Victoria Waugh,...

Two thirds of jewellery brands now monitoring environmental impact ‘more closely’

Jewellery brand Taylor & Hart has released its Jewellery Trend Report for 2021, in which it revealed that the industry will be a leader...

New ‘international-scale’ jewellery recycling initiative from Lucille London

British jewellery brand Lucille London, which has used 100% recycled gold for the last decade, is not resting on its laurels when it comes...

De Beers sets out 10-year strategy with new goals for 2030

De Beers Group has revealed a list of goals for the coming decade, through which it plans to become a more ethical and sustainable...

EXCLUSIVE: Second hand jeweller benefits from sustainability trend with doubled lockdown revenue

"Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware," said William May managing director Nick Withington after the business saw a 100% YoY boost to revenue

River Mounts switches to new sustainable packaging

The company will now make a number of changes to packaging after a customer survey revealed how highly buyers value environmental sustainability.

Laings turns attention to sustainability as it unveils summer campaign

Laings is ratcheting up its focus on sustainability as it begins to reopen stores across the UK. The company is battling back from the lockdown...