Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Tiffany & Co net sales only 1% behind 2019 after ‘strong third quarter’

Tiffany & Co has this week filed its financial results for what it called a "strong third quarter", with net sales down a marginal...

Tiffany comes out swinging as it brands LVMH claims “baseless and misleading”

Jewellery giant argues that counterclaims filed in court this week are a "blatant attempt" by French group to evade contractual obligations of takeover

Tiffany’s prospects ‘dismal’ slams LVMH as legal wrangle turns sour

LVMH has slammed Tiffany as “ill-suited for the challenges ahead” and branded its prospects “dismal”, according to documents filed in a legal battle between...

Tiffany & Co’s lawsuit over £13bn LVMH deal fast-tracked by courts

Tiffany & Co is now set to take LVMH to court on 5 January, 2021, after the presiding judge fast-tracked the impending lawsuit. After a...

Tiffany & Co reports Q2 ‘return to profitability’ with August continuing the momentum

Tiffany & Co's has announced its triumphant return to "quarterly profitability" in its latest financial report, with even better August performance expected. It said that...

LVMH misses deadline to complete £12bn Tiffany & Co deal

Now, the companies are looking at a revised 24 November date after pushing back the deadline by three months

Tiffany & Co to disclose ‘full craftsmanship journey’ of every diamond for full transparency

After committing to revealing the country of origin of every diamond last year, Tiffany will now declare every stage of a diamond's journey

Tiffany & Co deal still on despite LVMH’s plummeting revenues

In spite of a significant loss of revenue compared to last year, LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) appears to still be committed to buying...

Tiffany Infinite Strength campaign to donate at least £1.6m to COVID-19 recovery

From July 1 through August 31, all profits from the Tiffany Infinity collection will be donated to CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere).

LVMH speaks out about Tiffany & Co takeover doubts

The company admits it has been reviewing the deal, but denies plans to buy the brand on the open market for a lower price.