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Sarah Carpin, director, FACETS PR

HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Sarah Carpin, Director, Facets PR

HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Sarah Carpin, Director, Facets PR

The past year has held a defining moment for self-confessed workaholic Sarah Carpin: the successful rebranding of CMJ Media to Facets PR. Having grown exponentially from a small start-up to the biggest jewellery specialist agency in the UK, Facets PR remains wholly owned by CMJ, but with a new name to clarify its independent status.

Marion Wilson, Director, AnchorCert Academy, Assay Office Birmingham

As an Assay Office employee, staunch Brummie and member of the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust, I could not have chosen anywhere other than the centre of the JQ, St Paul’s churchyard, for my photo shoot,” says Marion Wilson, who was appointed director of the new AnchorCert Academy last year. Indeed, Assay Office Birmingham’s status as

HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Michael Rawlinson, Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Jewellers

When the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) and National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) signed a memorandum of understanding to form a new, single trade association for the UK jewellery industry, there was always going to be a lot of hard work that needed to be done behind the scenes to ensure a smooth integration. But having

HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Marie Chalmers, Owner, Marie Chalmers Diamond Consultant

Marie Chalmers readily admits that she’s not very good at sitting still, and this is certainly evident in her work life. She has no less than three main roles within her consultancy company: director of Shen London, tutor of diamonds and coloured gemstones at AnchorCert Academy and head of UK valuations at WP Diamonds. “I

HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Gary Williams, Director, Presman Mastermelt & Chairman, Hatton Garden BID

After two and a half years of dedication and determination to see Hatton Garden become a Business Improvement District (BID), and subsequently a world-renowned business and visitor destination, it’s time for Gary Williams to celebrate. Local eligible businesses voted overwhelmingly in favour of the proposals, and the area will assume its new BID status in

HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Frank Cooper, Senior Lecturer in Jewellery Manufacturing Technology & Manager of the Centre for Digital Design and Manufacturing, School of Jewellery

Following huge investment over the past year, the School of Jewellery in Birmingham has launched a cutting-edge Technology Hub and Centre for Digital Design and Manufacturing, with senior lecturer Frank Cooper at the helm. Within a purpose-built environment, its students and the local business community now have access to an ever-widening collection of 3D printers,

HOT 100 2015 TRAILBLAZERS: Unification Committee

Special commendation for 2015 – The British Jewellers Association and National Association of Goldsmiths’. Congratulations to the British Jewellers’ Association and National Association of Goldsmiths’ unification committee. Thanks to the hard work, commitment and dedication of these six individuals, members of the British Jewellers’ Association and the National Association of Goldsmiths made the historic decision