Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Jury retires to consider verdict in Hatton Garden raid trial

Jurors in the trial of four men accused of being involved in the Hatton Garden heist retired yesterday to consider their verdict. The judge has...

Raider ‘had no skills to offer’ Hatton Garden heist

One of the men accused of being part of the Hatton Garden heist could not have been involved because he lacked any skill to...

Hatton Garden raiders involved in two other major heists

Two of the Hatton Garden raiders were previously jailed for involvement in two of the UK’s largest ever robberies, the court head yesterday (Dec...

Raider brags about Hatton Garden heist

The jury in the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit trial have heard recordings of the raiders bragging about the £14m heist. According to the BBC, police...

Two-thirds of £14m jewellery booty still missing

Jurors in the Hatton Garden safety deposit case heard yesterday that two-thirds of the property stolen during the raid has still not been recovered. It...

Hatton Garden thief shows police where stolen goods are buried

Police have recovered what is believed to be some of the property from the Hatton Garden raid at a cemetery in North London, according...

Graff sales exec believed colleague had been shot

Clive Golanski tells court he was too frightened to raise the alarm.The trial of the nine men accused of robbing Graff last year continues...

Graff store manager accused of inside job

Trial twist as defence accuses Martin Leggatt of assisting robbers.Graff store manager Martin Leggatt has been accused of helping aid the robbers in the...