Sunday, September 26, 2021
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GUEST COLUMN: How can jewellery businesses boost their ecommerce offering this Valentine’s Day?

Emma Thompson is head of client success at e-commerce digital marketing agency, Visualsoft. Here, she asks how jewellers can stay ahead of the competition with...

TOP TIPS: Expert advice for jewellers looking to enhance the online customer experience

Jewellers that put these tactics into practice can feel confident they are in a strong position to make the most out of shoppers willing to splash the cash online.

Neglecting the online customer experience will leave UK jewellers struggling to compete, study warns

News of a profit slump at ASOS proves that online stores are not immune to today’s difficult retail landscape.

Jewellery retailers putting seasonal sales at risk with slow websites

New report finds year-on-year decline in website speed performance amongst top UK retailers.

Lack of digital investment causes 50% of UK retailers to miss out

Half of UK retailers are missing out on major sales opportunities due to a lack of investment in multichannel technology, according to new data. The...

Black Friday 2017 officially biggest ever for online retail, study reveals

This year’s Black Friday weekend was the most successful in history for online retailers, new research from digital agency Visualsoft reveals. The study, which analysed more than...