London-based, bespoke engagement ring specialists, Taylor & Hart has opened its first workshop in London thanks to significant business growth.

The opening of the workshop highlights the successes of the business since its launch in 2013, whereby all Taylor & Hart jewellery will now be finished on site by highly skilled craftsmen.

The workshop will see Taylor & Hart provide a more immersive and interactive experience for customers from the design stage to the final crafting of the piece.


As a result of moving everything in-house, the firm says many of the UK’s top independent craftspeople have joined the Taylor & Hart team.

Taylor & Hart is passionate about developing young talent within the bespoke jewellery sector, therefore the company hopes that the workshop will aid their long-term goal of further educating on the craft of bespoke jewellery; by not only working with jewellers at the top of their craft but also promoting the development of young talent.

Alongside nurturing the next generation of designers and ensuring strengthening the customer experience, Taylor & Hart’s business owners expect the return on investment to be profitable.

Whilst the financials of expanding a function in a business can be risky, the decision to open a workshop was not simply based on numbers for Taylor & Hart; the decision also aimed to build a sustainable culture for the company.

With quality at the core of the business’ products and values, it was critical for the company to develop in house production capabilities that aligned with the brand’s ethos. The new production process provides Taylor & Hart with the ability to control quality at every step, a move that was inevitable for the company, rather than a decision that was based on return of investment.

Taylor & Hart’s chief executive officer, Nikolay Piriankov, remarks: “This is a real milestone for Taylor & Hart. We have grown so much over the past seven years that we are now in a position to be able to open a workshop, allowing us the opportunity for staff development in our industry and crafting process. We are excited by the prospect of having more autonomy on the creation of our products.

“Our growth over the last few years has been incredible and something I am very proud of. The success of our sales and satisfied customers have allowed us to step into this next stage in the company’s growth. We are excited that the workshop will allow customers to see how their ring is being crafted, right in front of their eyes. Involving the customer in the creation of their ring is already part of our DNA and we’re really passionate about advancing with this element.”

Last year the business had a turnover of £5.3 million and is expected to excel this figure two-fold by the end of 2020.

The new workshop will be based in the prime central London location of Holborn, close by to Chancery Lane tube station.