The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has announced a new, elevated design for its identification and grading reports that will debut in October of this year.

The new stationery format will be applied to IGI’s Natural Diamond, Colored Stone and Jewelry reports, giving all three a more dynamic look for the Institute’s customers.

IGI’s design update comes 45 years after the Institute issued its first Diamond report in Antwerp, Belgium in 1975.


Established in 18 cities globally, IGI distributes thousands of reports daily to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and private consumers alike.

“We believe in the prosperity of the jewellery market and felt that there was no time like the present to reveal a new look,” stated IGI CEO Roland Lorie.

“The Institute strives to be a revolutionary leader for the industry – from technology implementation, timely design changes and creating innovative service offerings – and provide services and offerings that are beneficial to the industry and diamond dealers around the world.”

In addition to refreshing the design, sophisticated, protective features have been added to the report, as well as the IGI seal, to ensure maximum levels of security.

CertieyeÔ is a unique tamper evident security label that authenticates the IGI seal in real time. Traditionally vertical, the certificates will now be printed horizontally on a tearless paper that increases durability.

“We are pleased to hear such a positive reaction from IGI customers about the roll-out of these new certificates,” said Mr Lorie.

“By evolving the design, we are continuing to provide industry-leading certification and grading while also creating a fresh look, ensuring more efficient service and maximising security for hassle-free retail operations.”