Marketing technology agency QIVOS has launched an initiative designed to put wearable tech at the forefront of branded goods.

Named the Jewellery Project, QIVOS has partnered with the FF Group, the National Bank of Greece, and VISA, to create pieces that are on trend, and allow consumers to easily pay with them.

The scope of the project is to develop and produce branded payment wearables that could be used in the same way as contactless payment cards.


By using Financial Technology (FinTech), wearables created in collaboration with QIVOS, which currently come in the form of rings and bracelets for ladies and men, not only look like a piece of fashion jewellery, but they also function as contactless payment cards.

An important part of the experience is the fast and smooth activation process of the payment accessory at the purchasing point.

Being able to activate the payment jewellery at the time of purchase and associate it to an active card or a bank account via a POS terminal, will improve the customer experience, and add value to the purchasing journey.

QIVOS shares: “We are offering not only a jewel, a card, and a banking product, but a total payment experience, for the daily transactions.”

By creating a seamless, fast, and smooth user experience, the main objective is to offer consumers easy and experience.

The marketing technology agency explains: “The appeal of wearable payment for consumers is easy to understand.  The ability to use items worn on the body to quickly and easily pay for goods and services takes the convenience of mobile and contactless payment to a new level.

“Looking to the future, there are companies that are seizing on the world of possibilities wearable tech opens up.”

Pieces at the moment include a Links of London friendship bracelets, and a couple of Folli Follie bestsellers transformed into wearable designs.