15,000 UK women expected to receive fail safe ‘buffer rings’.

A new study by investment and insurance company AXA has discovered that 15,000 UK women will receive a temporary engagement ring – or ‘buffer ring’ – from their partners who wish to avoid disappointing them with the wrong choice.

The report highlights the trend for cheaper rings that act as a placeholder for more expensive pieces picked by the bride herself.


On average, one in 16 women will be proposed to with a ‘buffer ring’ in 2014.

According to the survey, 16% of women are disappointed with their partner’s choice of engagement ring because it is either too expensive (44%) or not to their personal taste (35%).

Currently the average amount spent on an engagement ring is £1,373, with men typically spending one month’s salary. In London, the average figure rises to £3,548, while Yorkshire showed the lowest figure of £607.

Additionally, the survey showed many couples are going without engagement rings in favour of saving money or simply because they don’t feel it’s a necessary indulgence.