A Portuguese jewellery brand has seen a significant increase in its pendant sales. When asked, customers cited the need to “leave a lasting impression” on Zoom and other video calls as their main reason for purchase.

Terzihan is a jeweller founded in 1974 with its flagship store in Lisbon and its own brand since in 2015.

It has found that what it calls ‘the video call look’ has become important to its customer base.


Cem Terzihan, creative director, explained: “We are astonished that pendant sales of our new Neutra collection have increased by 48% since April 2020.

“We were surprised to hear from our customers that most were buying these to perfect their looks on live presence video calls.

“Netura is for people who want to enjoy life and who see life as an opportunity to express themselves to the fullest.

“It features very powerful pendant pieces that deliver impact and grab attention, complementing any screen look and definitely leave a lasting impression.”