Jewellery brand The Alkemistry has announced its first collaboration with jewellery storage specialist WOLF, on a new jewellery box.

The limited-edition jewellery box embraces ancient symbolism and represents protection, intuition and female empowerment, the brands revealed.

It borrows its inspiration from the High Priestess tarot card, which signifies tenacity, inner wisdom and the power of trusting your instincts.


The circular design provides space for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, while WOLF’s patented anti-tarnish technology promises to protect jewellery for years to come.

The Alkemistry founder and creative director, Kirstie Gibbs, commented: “For our collaboration with WOLF we borrowed from both brands’ values.

“We focused on female empowerment and, as always, we wanted to incorporate a hint of magic, so took inspiration from the ancient female dignitary, the High Priestess.

“This, combined with the protection of WOLF’s jewellery boxes, meant that the symbolism of the protective eye was a natural link.”

It launches mid-November and can be found on The Alkemistry’s website while stores remain closed across England.

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