Rox founders on the need to seize the day in jewellery retail.

By Grant Mitchell & Kyron Keogh

With the price of gold at a record high, diamond prices rising, VAT sitting at 20%, and the low level of growth in the UK and Europe, it would be easy to sit back and think that the year ahead is going to be a bleak one. Instead, we need to change our approach.


The time for sitting and waiting for customers to come to you is long gone and we must be willing and able to adapt our businesses to meet the desires of our customers.

The opportunities are out there – the growth of the internet, multichannel shopping and social media has changed the way we source information, the way we communicate and the way we consume.

As an industry we need to embrace the internet and make it a key part of our business model. If we don’t keep up, we risk getting left behind.


This column was taken from the editor’s letter written by Rox founders Grant Mitchell and Kyron Keogh that appeared in the January issue of Professional Jeweller. Mitchell and Keogh were the guest editors of this issue and filled it with inspiring articles to help kickstart what they believe will be a challenging but opportune year. To see a digital version of the magazine click here.